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Introduction to this Blog

January 25, 2023

So much has been going on and so fast that I figured the best way to express this would be in a blog, so welcome.  I'll create posts of recent, current and upcoming events. I'll highlight current projects.  For example, right now I'm in the thick of an obelisk series.

The obelisk you see at the left is the one I'm currently working on.  This stands over 10 feet tall and consists of hundreds of found metal objects, all of which have been gathered right here in the Ottawa Valley.  An obelisk is an ancient Egyptian object from over 4000 years ago.  Many obelisks had hieroglyphics carved into them telling a story and so is this one.  All the objects you see in the sculpture tell a story.

This summer I plan to build a 33' obelisk; that's about the height of a three story building.  What do they say? Go big or go home. I'll build a prototype 1/3 of that size first, just so I can iron out the bugs.

I plan to build some smaller obelisks out of concrete with metal objects peeking out of the concrete sides

Stay tuned,  as they say, to view progress on all of these endeavours, and be sure to visit the Store page for pricing and other details on this obelisk.

The Story behind my Spheres

January 25, 2023

I made this sphere in response to comments I received on other similar spheres.  Many viewers said, "That looks like Death Star".  I must confess I didn't know because I'm not a Star Wars fan... Sorry, but on investigation, I could see that what I was making did have a resemblance to Death Star so I decided to make one.

Let me back up a bit and let me give you some history in my fascination with spheres.  I started out making a more flat hemi-sphere that was wall mounted which proved to be very popular.  I made two which both sold to a collector of my work who loved both of them.  At about this time I came across the work of Michael Malpass. Michael made his first sphere in 1975 and created a huge body of work

until his untimely death in 1991.  I would have to say that his work is among the best in the world and he remained relatively unknown.  His work is now being brought to the forefront.

After studying his work I began my series of spheres, many are now enjoying new homes. Check out my Store and Recently Sold Artworks to see spheres I have for sale and those that have sold. 

"Death Star" is one of my prized contributions.  It can be seen, along with other spheres, now at the art show I'm in for the next three weekends.  (January 28-29 and February 4-5, 2023. 

As Michael says, and I agree, "From the discards of society I simply try to create a beautiful object. I am definitely near the Rubicon, making shapes that no one had seen before from metal used for thousands of years"

Introduction to this Blog

January 25, 2023

The Story Behind my Spheres

January 25, 2023

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