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Barbecue Girl

Mixed Media: mostly metal except for the girl


This sculpture started out by making something out of the three wagon wheels.  I added the tractor seat, and what could be better than my painted manikin perched proudly on the seat.  Then I looked for some mass in the middle of the piece and I found this old scrap smoker/barbecue laying around so I added that too.

Now to add some more details and it's done.  Heavy: don't know how I'm going to lift it off the table.  

Torso Girl

Metal: 15"x30"

This sculpture is the arrangement of hundreds of nuts and bolts welded together to form this lovely torso.

Sailboat Sculpture: update

In this video I show the finished piece as it sits on the wall... or is it?  I'm not sure about a few details, and I address them in this video.

Sailboat Sculpture

A "how-to" video describing part of the process of making an abstract metal sculpture depicting several sailboats in the water. 

Bird Feeder with a Roof

This video shows one of my shovel head bird feeders with a roof over it. All of the other ones I've made to date are vertical with no actual roof covering. This one is neat because I don't have to remove the snow from the feeder every time it snows.

Shovel Head Bird Feeders

A couple of years ago I made one of these bird feeders and enjoyed feeding the birds at my studio. Actually, it fed everything that was living, and I really didn't mind. I would drive down the lane to my studio and it wouldn't be uncommon for me to see wild turkies, crows, small animals of every kind and yes, many different kinds of small birds as well. 

As I was getting for my art show at Kiwi Gardens Laura said I should bring my bird feeder, that people would really like it. She was right. I sold it, and took commissions to make three others. 

If you would like one see the Store page to order your bird feeder.

Shovel Head Bird Feeders

City Block

City Block is a massive project that I've been working on for the past seven years off and on. This sculpture replicates five buildings that one would find in the middle of a major city.  It's now finished and ready for a new home. This week I'll be taking this piece down to Kiwi Gardens for the annual art show.   

Making a bell from a propane tank

In this short video I show the progress on a massive bell that I made using an old propane tank.  This would sound really good at a camp or a retreat.  I would install this piece to whatever location it needed to be.

Price..........................$400, plus $300 installation fee.

City Block: A video update

In this video I describe how things are coming along with this massive epic sculpture called, "City Block".  It represents five city buildings, such as you would see in any major city. 

When the boxes are completely wrapped in metal I'll burn out the boxes leaving me with the sculpture. 

Stringed Instruments

Creating a Guitar: Update 3

In this video, the third in a series of "Creating a Guitar", I show how I add the strings to the guitar. The project is almost done.

Creating a Guitar: Update 2

In this short video, which is the second in the series of "Creating a Guitar", I show some more techniques of putting a guitar together using found metal objects.  In this video I install the bottom band on the guitar. 

Creating a Guitar: Update 1

In this short video I show some basic arrangements, some cutting and some welding on the guitar I am working on. I had one comment this morning as I posted this on Facebook live that it was interesting to see the actual process. I'm going to post some more videos as the guitar comes to completion. 

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