Walden Three Studio

Abstract Metal Sculpture


Solo Art Show

Bittersweet Gallery, Burnstown

Aug 18-25


“from crayons to curiosity”

I will be in attendance for the show's duration daily and will offer opportunities for visitors to compose and assemble from foraged metal materials he will have on hand. The compositions will be then taken to be forged at his own Walden Three Studio for a fee.

The outdoor show and sale opens on the grounds at Bittersweet Gallery Saturday, August 18 from 11 to 8 pm and continues to August 26. The gallery is open daily 11 to 5.

Our Story

Loving Every Minute of the Journey

Creating abstract metal sculptures

Since 2005 Stekelenburg  creates one of a kind, abstract metal sculptures. Following in the footsteps of his philosophical and artistic mentors, he creates art as an unconscious, unscripted, wordless act of emotional expression.  Sometimes his work is representational but most often not. Check out our Store to see current works for sale

Inspiring others to create their own metal sculptures

Stekelenburg opens his studio regularly for others to come and create their own metal sculptures. Participants pick and arrange from thousands of found metal objects to come up with their own creation. Check our Workshop page. 

Local Television interview at Walden Three Studio Describing Workshops and the Creation of Artwork

This video by Cogeco TV describes in great detail what goes on at Walden Three Studio. 

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